It is Zornock, the setting of a Sci Fi roleplaying story about a war between the forces of good and evil in the mythical world. Gamemaster:Reptor17 02:39, August 7, 2010 (UTC)


  • Your character(s) can be one of Three Species: "Zornockelien"(Biomechanical Species With Photokenesis(Control of light and lasers) or Shadows(If Evil)) , Human, Robots(Natural or Manufactured) or "ReptoSapien(Reptillian Species With Enhanced Senses)"
  • If you die, You can Complete A Task to Be Revived
  • Only the gamemaster can control Enemies

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Zornock is populated by Zornockeliens, Reptosapiens, And many other Species. Many Humans Live there. There are Natural Robots that Grew their or Colonized there. Many Manufactured Robots were created there.

Relevant InfoEdit

  • There are regions: Cyber City(Capital City), The Sky platform(A Platform in the Sky that is Restricted to most), Metro(The city Where Most Humans Live, Location of the Robotics Facility), Sand dune(A big Desert and location of the City where most Reptosapiens live), Volcanic Realms(A Land of lava with A giant Volcano) and The shadow plains(Location of Most Shadowy Beings)
  • Shadow Plains is the most dangerous region, But the Volcanic Realms is A close Second
  • The Sky platform is Inspired by Area 51

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  • Lizardus-An Example of Reptosapien
  • Truls-Example of Zornockelien
  • Zack-Example of Human
  • Reptor-Example of Natural Robot
  • IBot-Example of Manufactured Robot
  • Bestiary of Zornock-use it know which beings you will find in which regions of Zornock

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