An inhabitant of the Light World, Zero works with several of his friends to stop the Darkworlders from destroying his home. He is played by User:DarkWolf133.


Zero is a skilled fighter of the Light World. He was trained by 100% after saving his life until he met Ryk. Ryk told him that 100% has actually training Zero to help in his quest to destroy the Light World. Zero fought 100%, knocking him through a portal back into the Dark World. Zero has since been gathering and training a team to help him defeat 100% once and for all.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Zero has always been very kind, and is one of the few able to overcome his inherent prejudice of Darkworlders. He was willing to study under 100% until Ryk told him that 100% was actually planning on taking over the Light World. Since then, Zero has become rather morose, supposedly with guilt. He cares for his friends and his planet, and would willingly sacrifice himself for them.


Though he has no inherent magical ability, Zero can summon blasts of energy through his connection with the Light World, a connection 100% helped him forge. Other than this, Zero is a skilled fighter, wielding a single sword.


Zero is not invincible. He is young and makes mistakes. His kind nature has also nearly gotten him killed several times.

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