The Shield of Bronok is the RP project created by Leon. It is a race to find the ancient Shield of Bronok before everybody else and obtain godworthy powers.


  • To read the ancient clues in the walls you must either be a rogue, archer, thief, or vagabond. Or your perception must be 6 or higher (the higher the number, the more clues you can find).
  • Players can fight each other only in The Woods.
  • Only the gamemaster can control the mayors/kings/queens of the cities, the monsters, rogue adventurers and when wall clues come in.


This RP is still open! Create your character and join in the quest now!

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Yagzear consists of a main continent, three separate large islands in the north, south, west, and a chain of islands in the southeast. Settlements dot the south mainland's countryside, while booming cities inhabit the west and north mainland. In the east lie towns and villages. Port towns dot the seaside coasts. The chains of islands are uninhabitable, while the larger islands are home to various natives. The Capital of Yagzear's mainland is Falter.

Relevant InfoEdit

  • Yagzear has six regions -
    • Lorus, the icy yet warm plains of the northwest
    • Yorkmire, the colonized region with more cities in the northeast
    • Goldhyme, the central plain dotted with mines
    • Oreku, the eastern countryside
    • Vernan, the western port town region
    • Larvus, the dangerous plains of the south