Xoe Takari Goodman

This is no ordinary friend LoL

Xoe Takari Goodman is one of the awesome protectors of the Fire Garden.


Xoe is one of the awesome protectors of the Fire Garden. She usually guards the South Entrance.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

She usually is playful and hippy, but at times can be serious and chic at certain times. She despises pervy guys(and because of an accident she too at first thought Hero was a perv, too!) since those incidents, she swore off guys until she met Austin Dyer. He is her current boyfriend. She 'pretends' to 'cheat' on Austin by pursuing Chelsea Minati and Crystal trying to kiss them or touching them in very wrong ways(for example, grabbing their breasts or stripping them) She is a lesbian. She even kidnaps and molests Chelsea Minati or Crystal sometimes!!! She also does make out with Austin, cuz he is her boyfriend, but she is trying to make Chelsea Minati or Crystal her 'secret' girlfriend. she would even like them both to be dating her- at the same time!!!!!!!!


As a Protector, she usually has a flaming sword by her side- ALWAYS. She can make fire anywhere she goes, anytime, anyplace.


She is very slender, and has short, brownish red hair. Her breast size is about 6 1/2. Her usual outfit is a pleated miniskirt 4 inches above knees and a tank that shows midriff and more than a reasonable portion of her breasts. She wears flip flops too, but when she makes out with either Austin, Chelsea Minati, or Crystal, she goes barefoot.


She is the daughter of a regular family, but there is sumfin unique about her. She loves Fire. So she became a Protector of The Fire Garden.

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