&nbsp Marcus Lars (Also known by his codename: Wolf) is the 94th WARHOUND agent and member. He has destroyed countless military machines with his close friend, Oreus. Oreus joined Wolf in infiltrating and destroying the machines in 2005, when Wolf found Oreus in a locker room in Russia hiding from several

Marcus Lars
Played By The Sentinel
russian soldiers trying to find him.


Wolf is one of the WARHOUND original hero's, he succesfully destroyed over 60 military creations.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He is usually a bit stubborn, but he stands on his own. He treats people nicely, especially Oreus. He would protect those who were on his side in fights, he'd give his own life for his friends. The thing that makes him fearless, is if one of his comrade's were in danger.


He has no real powers, but he's highly skilled at stealth and tactics when under fire. He usually uses guns and knives, when in desperate need for power, he uses a electric wave generated from his armor. He is unusually fast for a human without powers, caused by a cloning problem, he can travel one-fourth the speed of light.


His weakness is the Dark. He's afraid of dark places, and he'll refuse to go to places like that. If you force him to do so, he will proboably kill you


Wolf is actually a clone of his father, He (Wolf's father) couldn't seem to "reproduce", so he cloned himself, One of them turned out as a peace-keeper, and one became a peace-hater. Max Lars (Peace-Hater) created several of the creations destroyed by Wolf.


He uses several guns (Assault Rifles, Handguns, etc.) and Knives. He had over 200 VR Training Situations (Virtual Reality). He uses CQC (Close Quarters Combat) when he has to, and he's quite good at it. A technique he uses is when he spins his knife around creating a white light and firing a hidden bullet stored in the handle of his knife.

The NRS Spetsnaz Ballistic Knife


He is described by his fellow WARHOUND members as "Just the right amount of attractiveness". He has long neck length brown hair, he wears a slightly-dark blue bandana around his forehead. He has icy blue eyes, he can make people feel cold by making eye contact.

Battle SuitEdit

He wears a suit that he calls "The Sekeleton Suit". It's made out of a rubber-like material, but can protect the user from a wide range of toxic substances. It consisted of water-repelling scales that allowed the wearer to swim easily, and had pebbled texture to reduce any dragging (like golf balls). Electrofiber provided the suit with a wide range of built-in sensors. It stores data regarding damage to different regions of the body, including blood loss. The suit could also apply varying pressure to major internal organs to maximize their performance and safeguard their functions.

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