This story is set in the world of Dragorhyss(pronounced dragoriss) a land where Dragons (pronounced dray-jons) ruled over their domains in peace. Their High King or Queen was called the Rhyss and could bring all the dragons together in times of war. Their greatest enemies, the Cyries, dragon-like creatures with a magical high-frequency scream that will drive you crazy if you don't have the magic to counteract it, have joined together under their evil leader, Darkrhyss, once a powerful Rhyss who turned evil and used black magic that transformed him into a huge Cyrie, to take over all of Dragorhyss. One by one the evil Darkrhyss destroyed all resistance from the kings and queens in the northern regions by having them slain. The last of the resistance he has not crushed is Reathscale King of Shilis(a country in the Southern Region), an immense golden scaled dragon, and his advisor, Silvierra who has the most knowledge of magic of all dragons.

In this RPG you can choose to be one of the below species (join in the comment section below or post on my talk page):


If you choose dragon you must also choose one of the three types: Flying, Land and Water. Here is the template:



Age:(0-30=baby/just hatched, 30-100=young/child, 100-300=teenager/young adult, 300-600=middle aged, 600-900=old, 900+=ancient/almost dead. The average lifespan of a dragon is between 700-900)

Appearance:(scale color, eye color, horns if you have any, other characteristics such as spikes on taiil etc.)

Type:(flying, land or water)


If you are human you will start in the village of Tyrn at the foot of King Reathscale's mountain fortress. You also will need to watch out for airial attacks from Cyries and ground attacks from their various minions. Here is the template:

Name:(includes nicknames and such)



Appearance: (Hair, eyes, skin, build)

Weapon(s): (only swords, bows etc. no guns or other modern weapons



If you are a unicorn you will be under the ruler of the unicorns, Iceheart and will start with the herd in the Lower Southern Forest. Here is the template:



Age:(average horse age)

Appearance:(coat, eyes)


The wolves of Dragorhyss are much larger than earth wolves, standing about as tall as a grown man at the shoulder. Being a wolf you will start with the pack of Dawnhunter in the Upper Southern Forest. Here is the template:



Appearance:(coat, eyes build)

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