The Origin of Orbit is a dark tale that can be played by many people. The story tells of how Hannah Winnoh gains the ability to throw orbs and becomes the hero known as Orbit. Created by Orbit16


  • In this story the parents do not know about Orbit.
  • The villian is a monstrous sorceress named Elmira who can create black spirits.
  • Elmira does not know about Hannah in this story.


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Write the roleplaying story here. The sun shines over the Hammerville Hospital. In the apartment on the top floor, an alarm clock rings next to Hannah Winnoh's bed.

Hannah:(Groaning) Oh, is it morning already?

Lucy puts some plates on the table in the dining room. Bruce talks on the phone. File:Bruce on the phone.JPG

Hannah remains on bed then suddenly a white horned, winged horse appears right next to her bed. It is a beautiful sacred spirit called Cupid, and was send by the golden spirits to wake and protect the daughter of antique mage Orbit.

  • Cupid: Wake up, sacred girl! Wake up! The golden spirits have woken, you, you the one of the silver eye, you are the chosen by these spirits. The antique mage Orbit has to wake up through you. Tell me... are you ready? In the name of the golden spirits and great gods, I invoke the sleeping Orbit, daughter of gods... please come here, please let your beloved daughter to receive your divine halo...

Lucy begins to feel something weird is happening her. Indeed, her mage powers are waking up and being transferred to her daughter

Hello, Orbit16, I think it is your turn