After the great cataclysm, the surface of the earth was rendered uninhabitable, forcing earths populutation into 'the tunnels', a labyrinth of underground passages and rooms. Inhabiting the Tunnels are three races.


  • Remnants- Humans inhabiting the tunnels. They live and fight every day against the horrors of the tunnels
  • Locust-Debat rages on wether the locust descend from humans or not. This bug like species inhabits the overgrown areas of the tunnels
  • Hunters- Living in special Bio-Suits, the hunters are masters of stealt and assasination
  • Mechs- Metal warriors who once served as the gaurdians of the tunnels, they have only recently discovered free will

It is set in an Apocalyptic world, filled with mutants, robots, and remnants. Gamemaster: User:jacobplm


  • Battles are handled in a squad turn based system, based upon a chess bord. The board will be modified to show relevant terrain condition, such as low lighting, plant overgrowth, and rough terrain.
  • Squads will be comprised of ten soldiers, belonging to any of the races, two medics, and a leader. Each soldier will have three attacks and a support move based upon its race. Medics will have two attacks, and two support moves specific to the medic class. Leaders will one attack, one special, leader only support move, a race specific support move, and a Medic type support move.
  • soldiers will have fifty HP, medics 20, and leaders ten. Support moves will cost a varing amount of EP, with one EP regenerated each turn.
  • Battles will be decided like so: each unit will have a turn. On their turn, they may either attack, defend, or use a support move. When a soldier or medic loses all their HP, they are removed from the board. When a Leader is killed, their side loses automatically. (killed units cannot be used again and are dead permanently. New units can be recruited at various towns, however.)
  • Attaks will do twice as much damage if your opponent is attacked from high ground, has soldiers on each side, or if you sneak up on them(in the case of hunters)


The tunnels are filled with hostile creatures, mad mutants, evil bandits, psychorobots, and takes place in a labarinth that spans across the planet

Relevant InfoEdit

  • there is no information about the cataclysm. No one even knows why it is called that.
  • The surface is thought to be a myth by all, regarded as an old wives tale

OTHER relevant infoEdit

  • 'The tunnels' is meant to be a scenario anyone could play. Feel free to play whenever. So long as you stick to the rules, go nuts. Also, I should mention, your squad can be filled with a mix of the above stated races, but hostile NPC's will have a larger roster, filled with all sorts of baddies.

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