It is The Hidden Love Named Tobi, the second chapter of the Crystal and Chelsea fantasy roleplaying campaign. The setting is the Naruto world, right after Tobi's change of heart.



As the two arrive at the hospital, they see a strange sight. Many Akatsuki members-........-without their robes or blood nail polish! And it seems as they've restored the condition of their headbands completely, you could never tell if it had a strike through it or not

Crystal: Yes, hi, we are looking for Madara Uchiha.

Accountant: Madara....Madara...oh! Room 129.

Crystal: Thanks a bunch lady

*tok tok tok tok tok....tok*

Crystal:...*knock knock* Knock knock, Tobi, we're here! XD!(He still has his mask on.....)

Tobi: Ugh.....Crystal? Chelsea? I'd never begin to think you two would visit me! Thanks! So.......

Chelsea: Don't speak too much, you'll hurt your head even more than you have, stupid!

Tobi: Geez, some one woke up on the wrong side of the bed today....D :

Chelsea: I did not!

Tobi: Then why are you so irritable!?!?

Chelsea: Cuz I am, OK?

Bickering continues

Crystal: Gawd, ya'll are so annoying when you two fight! Just shut up!

Tobi:B-but, Tobi ish a good boy!

Crystal: Being off that subject, I got you some presents

Tobi: For Tobi? Really?

Crystal: Duh, you're a really good friend! XD

Chelsea: *koff* a really *koff* friend, *koff*

Crystal: SHADDAP!!!

Chelsea: Whatever, I can have fun since Gaara isn't here. Hitting on guys and everything! Maybe even you, Tobi! XD *scratches under his chin*

Tobi: Hee-hee! That tickles! Was it supposed to tickle????

Crysta:l Any-hoo, here ya go!

Tobi: .......I hafta open it....... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • rips wrapping paper* A box, of sprinkled donuts and a cat plushie! You're the best, Ni-uhh.....Crystal!(Crysal's really cute.....)

Crystal:*covers mouth*


Crysta:l Geez, so violently, crazily RUDE!

Chelsea: I'm gonna take a walk...

Crystal Good, go blow off some steam, please...

Chelsea I'll try........sigh *in non-irritable way*

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