Shadow Realm Chronicles
Interbooks Enter the Realm / Relics of the Past / Secret of the Sands / World of Titans / Escape from Latia / Return to Vantsore Mountian / The War agianst Necrado
Chapters Prolouge/The Forest Maze/Doom of all Worlds/Tantoka/Fun with Fire!/Hento Village/She'll be Comin' round the Mountain!/Necrado's plan
Locations Tantoka/Hento Village/Vantsore Mountain/Kaykay Village/Quint City


Shawn                                      Hero                         Age:15 The main character of the Shadow Realm Chronicles.Shawn is your average teenage boy.He is a beginner swordsman with potential.Shawn can sometimes be impatient and/or cocky.

Reeka                                       Heroine                    Age:13 Shawns sister and Crossbow Master.Reeka may be young ,but that doesn't stop her from being an invaluable member of Shawns party.She can be sarcastic ,and that often gets them in a heap of trouble.

Horo                                          Warrior                     Age:15 Shawn's long-time friend who dissapeared years ago only to return as a low-rank warrior in the Ireedian army. Horo is best with a rifle or cannon ,but is still capable of using a sword.He tends to make corny jokes off of everything he can.

Marly                                          Mage                       Age:16 Marly is a beginner Mage who doesn't go anywhere without her pet Mew the Catana.Though she's a beginner,her black and white magic will always be a helping hand.Marly can be incredibly stubborn ,but that can be very helpful at times.

Cro                                             Trainer                    Age:18 Cro is a professional Crenti Trainer.With the ability to talk to Crenti ,he proves to be an invaluable member to the party.Cro is incredibly strong and has a short temper.

Necrado                                      Evil King                Age:? ?

Prolouge:The DreamEdit

Shawn:(groans)Where am I?

?:You are in the Land of Ereo.

Shawn:Wh-what!?Who said that!?(pulles out sword)Where a-are ya,I'm ready to take ya on!

?:My name is not important and you cannot take me on for I am a dissimbodied voice.

Shawn:O____Ka___y then.(puts up sword)So whats this Ereo you were talking about?

?:Never mind that.But you must make it through my trails.

Shawn:Hey why are ya changing the subject like that?You don't wanna tell me something!

?:(In Navi's voice)Hey!Look!Listen!Watch out!

Shawn:Shut up!I get it,I'm gonna have to do some trails.Wait,what did I do wrong!?I don't wanna go to jail!

?:Not that kind of trail!You didn't do anything wrong,what I mean by trail is a sort of puzzle.Now open that chest.

Shawn:There's no chest he-(Chest appears infront of him.)Oh whatdoyaknow!(opens chest)

Shawn Got:Saw!

This saw isn't only great for battling you can also use it to chop dead trees!

?:Now,make a raft with the wood chopped from the trees.

Shawn:So that's why you gave me a saw!(choppes 4 trees)(builds raft.)WHOOAA!!!(gets launched along the rapids in his raft.)Wait is that a-!(falled down waterfall.)(groans and wakes up on bed)Huh?What happened.

Mom:Shawn get up!Breakfast is ready!

Shawn:Okay Mom!

To be contenued.

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