Side Territory Leader
Christmas: North Pole: Santa Claus
Hanukkah: Israel: Davids Star
Thanksgiving: Plymouth: The Great Turkey
Veterans Day: Versailles: Winston Churchill
New Years: Homeland China: The Great Chinese Dragon
Halloween: Transylvania: The Grim Reaper and The Great Pumpkin
4th of July: Massachusetts: John Hancock
Easter: Easter Island: Easter Bunny
St. Patricks Day: East Ireland: St. Patrick
Valentines Day: Rome: St. Valentine
Presidents Day: Washington D.C.: George Washington
Great Old Ones (GOO): Rlyeh, Southern and Western Australia: Cthulhu
Hades: Eponia, Underworld (except for Taurus): Hades
Poseidon: Ocean and Florida (Except for titan domain): Poseidon
Zeus: All of the mountains and Sky (except for Titan domain): Zeus
Titans: Domain of the Greek Titans (Don't know them all) and Taurus: Kronos
Fomorians: West Ireland: Balor
Mars: Mars: General Zoon
Atlantis: Atlantis: Prophet Kynari
Sasquatch's Army: Canadian Forests and Nepal: Sasquatch
Odin's Army: Western Scandinavia: Odin
Loki's Army: Eastern Scandinavia: Loki
United Dominion of China (UDOC): Rest of the world: Emperor Quan

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