Format: Side, Races , Race description

Elves: Agile
Snowmen: Endurable
Dreidel: Teleporting, Armored, Curious
Turkey: Brawny
Demon: Strong, Endurable, Weak to Cold Iron
Werewolf: Strong, Agile, needs to switch into wolf for powers
Zombie: Strong, Endurable, Sluggish, Dumb, Slow, Brawny, Fearless
Headless Horseman: Always have an armored warhorse
Chupacabra: Flight
Clown: Fear inducing
Loch Ness Monster: Very Tough, Natural Bite Weapon, Aquatic, Overconfident, Curious
Springheeled Jack: Natural Claws, Natural Flame Breath, Extreme jumping, and Bloodthirsty
Thetis Lake Monster: Natural Claw/Bite, Aquatic
Yowies: Natural teeth, Very Fast, Smelly
Weretiger: Same as Werewolf
Tokoloshe: Fear inducing, Invisibility, Good fighter, Blind, Ugly
Golem: Tough, Armored, Clueless
Vampire: Undead, mind control, strong, ability to turn to wolf, bat, or mist, outsider, bloodthirsty, ugly, heartless, not good w/ technology
Ghost: Ethereal, cannot act directly upon the mortal world
Bunny: Egg bombs, Small
St. Patricks Day
Leprechauns: Very Lucky, Small
Valentines Day (pacifist)
Hearts: Healing, Complete Pacifists
New Years
Dragon: Flight, Very Fast, Strong, Endurable, Armored, Arrogant, Overconfident, Code of Honor

Great Old One: Amroed, Flight, natural claw/bite, Bloodthirsty, Ugly
Cultist: Cultist magic, Slave to Cthulhu
Controlled: Fearless, Slave to Cthulhu
Skeleton: Undead
Zombie: Undead, Strong, Endurable, Dumb, Sluggish
Any monsters from Greek mythology (too many to list here)
Merfolk: Aquatic, Fast, Outsider
Cyclops: Strong, Endurable Bloodthirsty
Archons: Flight, Good fighter, Slave to Zeus
Antmen: 2 extra arms, Natural bite/claws, Fearless, Alien Form (hard for other creatures to heal) , Outsider, Ugly
Titan: Arrogant, Bloodthirsty, Enemy to the gods, Mean, Heartless, Overconfident, Gloater, Monolouger, Distinctive Appearance, Very, very skillful
Fomorian: poison skin , aquatic, natural bite/claw, Ugly, Outsider
Martian: Good at shooting and fighting
Atlanteans: Aquatic, Outsider, give no Mercy, Adept w/ 2 weapons, Must be immersed in water every 24 hours
Sasquatch's Army
Bigfoots: Very Large, Clueless
Yetis/Abominable Snowman: Very Large, Endurable, Scared of Fire, Clueless
Odin's Army
Valkyries: Flight
Valhallans: Skilled in combat, Arrogant
Loki's Army
Jötunns: Very strong, Clueless
Trolls: Ice creature (immune to ice, resistant to water, weak to fire), Clueless
Giants. Extremely strong, Extremely endurable, Sluggish, Arrogant, Bloodthirsty, Overconfident

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