Rise of the Supernatural
From the Story None yet
Government Mostly military
Capital Too many to list, check out the Sides page
Regions Earth
Language(s) Chinese
Currency Dollar
Demonym Earthlings, (Or martians)
Dominant Race(s) Human

Rise of the Supernatural, set in future earth. Moderator is User:Kynarus


  • There are three ways of fighting. They are technology, magic and stength. Every race has at least one.
  • Technology is using inventions to fight. That way is common among humans and any other races involving humans.
  • Then there's magic. This is invoking mystical powers to fight. This is common among races that don't use technology, but don't have much physical strength
  • Lastly, there's Strength. That's using inherent abilities to that race to fight. That's common in the races who have lots of physical abilities.
  • For groups, everyone needs to be from the same side, unless a previous group established an alliance.
  • If you are playing in a group, unless you have given advance notice that you will be gone (ex. sleep, school, etc.) you are expected to reply to anything directed at you in the adventure within 1 hour. If not, the GM will take over for you.

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The world was taken over by China, but now races from areas such as mythology, holidays and Space are coming to take power

Relevant InfoEdit

  • Setting is Earth, just different politically

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