A Quantum Ray... of Doom is a device that lets you to create a mini quantic highly explosive black hole. After it explodes, it sends a... you know... dooming ray that destroys every quark on its path.

It was created by Erke, a plutonian scientistic, when he discovered he has no flan any longer. He was so sad he decided to destroy the whole galaxy, so he designed a device that could totally destroy matter by turning quarks into energy (you know... that E = m/c2 stuff). Every destroyed quark represents many zillions of additional energy, so it is a positive feedback loop that lets this ray to become stronger and stronger each time it hits an object.

Hitting a massive object, like the Sun, can lead to a supernova explosion.

Luckly for everyone, the wife of this scientistic brought him more flan, and he was so happy and flanny he got rid of this terrible device by selling it to the Plutonian government, that was fighting in the First Interworlds War after earth declared Pluto was not a planet but a puny filthy asteroid!

Since then, The Quantum Ray has remained in a very secret place. It is so secret I can not even TELL YOU! OK, I will tell you. It is inside the favorite pillow of Dagu. But that pillow is in a secret place! The home of Dagu! But that home is in a secret place! PLUTO! But Pluto is in a secret place! The Solar System! You will never find out where the Solar System is! Mhuahahahaha hahaha! What? You already are in the Solar System? NOOOOOOOO! The Secret IS RUINED!