this is the prologue to The Tales of the Great Islands.


It is a sad, rainy day in the Island Kingdom. The just King, William the 4th, died. He belived in all that was good. He befriended the dragons who guarded each island. When his father died, his son, evil and cruel, took control of the kingdom. He sent many soldiers to imprison each dragon into many heavily guarded areas. Now the evil king is sitting at his throne, conversing with the advisors.

William: What do you want?

Advisor #1: We are worried about the control of the dragons.

Advisor #2: We think you should raise the defense of your kingdom

William: How will I do that?

Advisor #1: every boy at the age of fourteen should be tought swordsplay and join our- I mean your army.

William: And if they don't?

Advisor #2: Send them to the gallows to be hung.

William: Sound excellent. There are many young men out there who are noble and strong. Do what you have said and get out of my sight.

Advisor #1 & #2: Yes, your majesty

Moments later, a messenger is sent to every island to every capitol, and he told the message.

Messenger: It has now been decreed that all boys of the age fourteen must be drafted into the royal army, or be faced with certain death.

After many heard this there was much sorrow amung the kingdom, as young men are taken from there homes with their mothers and relatives weeping. As this is happening, the king is watching the drafting of many young men. The next day was even more sorrowful as the last. A line of 100 fourteen year olds are in line to be hung at the gallows. Later that night, in William's chamber, William, clad in gold armor and a velvet cape, was pacing."

William: Why do I feel like I'm missing something? Winning the minds of the People?

???: You don't need that.

William: Who's there? SHOW YOURSELF!

???: As you wish.

A large man in a black cloak stood before the tyrant. He had black smoke pouring out of his openings. His head was hooded, and all you could see was smoke and a glaring red eye.

???: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nightmare, your humble servant.

William: Sorry. The last time that happened, I almost-

Nightmare: - died from poison? I saved you. I secrete this black smoke. It causes whatever I want to happen, mostly nightmares I call deathmares. They drive all mad to death. Literally. I used my smoke to eradicate the poison, most of it, actually.

William: You might help. There is a resistance rising from the ashes. Destroy it.

Nightmare: I have something much, much better.

The Tales of the Great Islands

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The Great Islands of the Kings

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