Han Miller or Oreus is the eccentric main engineer of several Marine Corps. Machines

Han Miller
Age 25

Oreus became a close friend of Wolf's when Wolf resued him from a hostage taking incident in Japan, where Oreus was studying engineering.


Oreus provides Intel to Wolf in his missions to destroy machines created by several countries, even the U.S.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Oreus is a big fan of Anime, which Wolf always teases him about. Han is a little sensitive and he'll cry if you point a gun at him, but he tries to act tough in front of Wolf.


He has no powers, but he's like, REALLY REALLY smart and what not.


He's very afraid of crabs, he always tries to kill any crab that comes near to him.


He is one of the IP's of WARHOUND, he was assigned to Wolf after he (Wolf) found Oreus.

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