Onodagua is an extremely strong Zorragon with dark blue scales, four legs, two, strong arms, and a lizard-like appearance. He was a respected war hero of the Zorrogon Empire, often studying dimensions and planets, but when the small craft he was in was heading to Earth, it was shot down by the Japanese. He was the only survivor of the crash, and managed to use the transformation technology of the Zorragons, taking on a human form. He was "reborn" to a healthy mother, but lost his memory of all that happened back home. At the age of 10, he remembered everything, and swore to have his revenge, but also studied Earth for a while. Finally, when he left the house at age 20, he noticed a ship crashing. He went to the crash site to investigate, and realized that there were more of his kind in it. 5 of them survived this time, and they sent out a beacon. A year later, Onodagua and the other 5 Zorragons were rescued. They delivered their information of Earth, and went back to Zorrogon Prime. After a day or so, Onodagua got his revenge on the person responsible for Onodagua's ship being shot down.

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