Nayem is a schoolgirl on the Convant's Legend roleplaying fantasy world. She is sort of a lesbian, and she is played by User:Mexilez on private mode.


Nayem is overall a skank and a lesbian. She is 75% lesbian, 25% straight.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

As it says above she is a lesbian.


She has generally a hot appearance. She has a curvier figure than most girls and has a sizably proportioned bottom. She has very curved features and a very ample bosom( about 100 centimeters). Since she is sort of a skank she usually wears a very short skirt about 7 inches above her knees. Her halter top usually reveals enough of her breasts to reveal most of her bra, though she hardly wears one. her shoes are usually sandals but sometimes in buildings she wears nothing on her feet.

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