ai-Elonai Namasath Melle
Roleplayed by Samuel T. Weston
From the story Rise and Fall
Gender Female
Titles Daughter of Melle, of the Elonai clan.
Homeland The Illuthai Provinces
Kindred Mother (Melle), Father (Paelon) (went missing in the war against the Haram), eight brothers and five sisters.
Age 18

ai-Elonai Namasath Melle, or simply called "Namasath," is an Illuthai born to Melle and Paelon of the Elonai-region clan. She is somewhat skilled with the sword, but more skilled with magic.


Namasath has long, dark-blue hair and bright green eyes; it is because of these traits that she stands out in large crowds -- blue hair, for Illuthai, is just as rare as red hair, for humans.

She prefers to wear large, baggy clothing when she doesn't want to be noticed or when she is doing something important, and tight clothing otherwise. "Pretty" clothing is not her thing; rather, she prefers to simply wear what she likes, at the time.

She carries nothing else, except a sword on her right side (since she is left-handed).

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Because Namasath is an Illuthai, she has a moderate distrust in the Haram; however, she also has seen the bad side of her homeland, which has been declaring war on the Haram while keeping themselves safe and having members of her clan killed, instead.

Namasath is an outgoing young woman; she usually likes to be noticed and makes friends easily.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Namasath is well-versed in magic: she is nearly the most skilled magic-user in her whole clan. While she is skilled in the magical arts, she also uses her left-handedness to her advantage, bringing out her sword, once in a while.

She primarily focuses on the elemental magics of fire, water, and air, but also dabbles in some of the shadow magics, such as ice, blood, and smoke.


Namasath gets emotional easily, even though she is getting better at working with those emotions. She is also weaker than most people, hence why she is only somewhat skilled with the sword; but she makes up for this with her intelligence and magical skill.

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