• Prince Grenyerd: Welcome to Mercury, or Hermes if you prefer it. We are small, but we are strong. We don't wish to gain new lands, new peoples, new weapons, or more power. We just want our little piece of heaven. We strive to protect the innocent, to defend our home, of all... to make the best sandwiches and win all the interplanetary Pool tournaments. Long live the Messenger.

Announcements of the PrinceEdit

  • Let me just tell you all...I don't wish to attack anyone. As far as I've seen, this story is based on wars, awars, and more wars. I am trying to make it into a story, so there needs to be some peaceful characters in there...That's where I come in. Everyone suspected that I was going to attack Earth. I didn't... Just the way the system turns...



A Mercurial Biodome

No matter how many spies Mars, Pluto and Earth have sent in to this world, the few who have returned have never come back with accurate information (and also without much of their minds). No one knows the power of this little rock's army or starfleet. No one knows their strategies or their defenses, or what kind of ships they use. The only confirmed Mercurial ship is the Hermes, the flagship of the world, a sleek, beautiful, innocuous-looking ship. The only time anyone confronted it militarily, none of the attackers ever returned... The Hermes doesn't even have a scratch on it.


Most people here a happy people, living in emmense, forested domes, which mimic Earth conditions. Some estimates say that 10,000 people live there, others say 10 billion. No one knows.


Prince Grenyerd is the leader of Mercury. No one knows why he didn't change his title to King, but he remains that way. Most other leaders consider him a young, inexperienced fool who is obsessed with sandwiches and Pool. His advisor, the Chamberlain, who's name no one knows, is thought to be his best friend. Some people say Grenyerd is but a figurehead with the Chamberlain as a true leader, but inside (and insane) spies who have returned proclaim that Grenyerd controls all, knows all, sees all, and is a god. We can't confirm this, but anything is possible...