The Mer-people, mermaids and mermen, dwell under the leadership of the God of the Sea, whom thinks fondly on these community of people.


Known for being highly emotional and fun-loving group. Whom could forget the prank of Gill fish, or the Caning of an Crab. The Mer-people sure know how to cut loose.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

As pointed out before, they are afun-lovingbunch. Known to prank their own kind, land dwellers, and sea creatures; whom seem to be the butt of their jokes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Mer-people are able to summon waves and water, if they study enough or have a hidden gift they refer to as the Call of Con. Trident and spears, are the weapon of choice for these people of the Sea.


The story of how these people came about, was said to of taken place in the first age, after the gods. Like with the fairies, mer-people are very old culture.

God of the Seawas very troubled, he seemed to not get alone with earth. He had no one to talk to.In a moment of revelation, looking at his big powerful hands, he remembered that he could create his own world. So, he created the fish. Though the fish could not talk back to him. The fish could enjoy the watery home of his but they could not share their joys, fears, or life with him. So, the Mer-people where created. They where given a tail like the fish, so they could swim and dive in the water. They where given gills so they could breath. They where given hands and arms so they could express what they felt. They where given voices to talk and to sing for the God of the Sea.

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