Mars, once known as "The Red Planet", is now one of the leading superpowers in the Second Inter worlds War. Over the years, Mars has undergone heavy terraforming and remains the only rival to Earth's beauty. While it is different environmentally, Mars is also different in many other ways. The once small research outpost has expanded into hundreds of cities dotting the planet. Mars also sports the second best Technology in the Solar System. Second only to that of the Plutonians, who's knowledge of liquid metal and other non-replicateable tech. is renown.

After Mars claimed many of Jupiter's moons as her own along with many outposts in the asteroid ring, Mars was re-christened the Mars Empire by the Ruling Council.


The Government of Mars is split between four men/women whom hold almost supreme power over the populance. These are seconded by eight sub-leaders known as the Ruling council. Below them stand the Generals, whom each hold a section of the Military under their command.

Commander Flamefang Presides over all military affairs.

Commander Shenia Presides over homeworld affairs.

Commander Kern Rules all off-world affairs.

Commander Talmoth Handles all Diplomatic affairs.


Mars has always been the leader of conventional military technology and outfits its soldiers with the best available armor and weapons. Mars has also delved deep into the concepts of Battle walkers and Particle disruption, which if used correctly would turn the tables in any war.


Mars remains the most heavily defended of the planets, with its Twin moons holding many anti-strategical missiles, hangars and AA defenses each holds a side of Mars in turn with the multiple Space stations that circle the planet. Beyond the moons, stretches a vast minefield which can only be passed through with the correct established serial number and code. Mars has also been experimenting with Particle Dissapators and deconstructors.