>Mayline Journal entry excerpt: Praise be to Donblas for today he delivered 3 rambunctious students today. Slim which is probably a nickname assign to him because the soy-o-meal packets he has been eating are expired and rotting. Crash a rather intelligent youngster bordering on OCD and Autism, his fascination with machines has left him with little to no social skills. I fear for the last one,Kenzie , for he has dark energy surrounding his aura, which is very common for those pulled off streets. I have talked to the head master and put in a request to have the young ones indoctrinated into the M.I.D. corps. I think they will be hesitant but a good addition to the team.

>Mayline Journal entry excerpt: Help us Donblas...just got trid that my kids have been arrested and are being held in Kempton. I will need to go down personally and talk to Lt. Carter. He can be such a strictler for the law, he once had a 13 year old girls hand cut off for stealing a MRE it was all I good do to get him not to execute her for subversion. He WILL listen to the church when it comes to the spiritual matters and I will make this spiritually based. Reminder to self: dont shelter the kids from too much, they will react to hardships better then I think. Though the Path might be to much for them.

___________________________________Cyan's Jurnal____________________________________________

07 OCT 3303

LT. Carter that man is a very mean guy. I was hoping to get word to Slim and Kenzie to watch it they are in way over their heads on this one. I may be able to do more around town soon because my Father is going out of down on biz. The house to my self and no curfew this is gona be fun.

Ran into Priestess Mayline today... got an ear full about "Donblas" and the my Path. I tried to get in to see Slim but Mayline wouldn't have it.

08 OCT 3303

I just heard today that we can expect another food shortage this winter. I know it will be harder to get extra MRE's but they will be worth twice as much on the trade value.

OOC Edit

<Newtim>: Was an interesting game session full of magic, conundrums, chase scenes, church babes, military shooting minorities. Game session was going pretty standard till usual suspect unknowingly informs the overacting military about a malformed-rat controlling-fire breathing-light emitting Dredge. Once the military got wind of the UMS(Unidentified Magically Sighting) they quickly move in and shoot everything till it was dead. I had the characters play the NPC's.

REWARDS: 15BP + 10BP For Roleplaying

"Failure at the Access point" : 5BP
"The beginnings" : 5BP
"Rat Tales" : 11BP
"Indoctrination" : 20BP
"Magic and Law don't mix" :25BP
"Forked roads" : 25BP
"Chaos Hordes" : 25
Possible bonus exp 20BP

Law Vs Chaos

Season 1
Prologue of Law Vs ChaosFailure at the Access pointThe beginningsRat TalesIndoctrinationMagic and Law don't mixForked roadsChaos Hordes
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Gallery of Law Vs Chaos

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