Kingdom Wars is a project created by User:Eanlav. It is about a total war between the two kingdom, the Gaseric and Jervagi.


  • Each player can control three character while the game master can have five characters.
  • No magical powers is allowed.
  • The same bestiary and plants of real Earth is use.
  • The civilization use in these game is classical/medieval.
  • Characters that is found in one chapter only is not classified as a character played by a user.


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The world is at peace for thousands of years. Gaseric and Jervagi has forged an alliance not even hatred can destroy...

until now...

The heir of the Jervagen Throne was found missing when the royal Jervagen Family went to Gaseric. The King of Jervagen, although dishearten by the accident, didn't blame the Gaserican King.

The Jervagen King died after his return. The people chose as his heir Seba, brother of the King.

Unknown to the Gasericans, he is blaming the them for the lost of both the King and his heir...

And the war begins...