God Aleon

The god of winds

In Laria, the element air is represented by Aleos, god of winds. It is played by User:Mighty Erick at private mode.


Aleos is one of the Gods of Laria. He is the king of the winds. Aleos has a human shape, but he has two long white wings at his back and a tail. When he shakes his wings, he can generate really powerful winds. He uses this power to feed the flames of Laria with fresh breeze, enhancing the power of that world of fire.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He feels some sort of love for Larin, and he treats her daughters, the pythias (oracular sprites of fire born from the virginal womb of Larin) as his own daughters, giving them the power of the winds to make their flames even more powerful.


He has total control over the atmosphere of Laria. He can create fire tornadoes, fire storms, fire clouds and unleash fire rain.


He was an antique god of Earth (Zeus, perhaps), but now Earth is a really contaminated planet and the gods left. Larin was the first, followed by Aleos, and they have begun the Laria new world.

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