Flash Nightingale is a unicorn from the world of Dragorhyss.


Flash is one of the defenders of Dragorhyss. He is the brother of Flamehorn and his coat is pure white with a gold pattern across his back that resembles lightning, hence the name. His name is also derived from his speed. He is played by User:Lathagarr Stormgale of Tronn.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Proud and confidant, he is one of 's bravest fighters. His greatest enemy is Macryll second in command to Gatagra leader of the Torgats, giant cat-like creatures who fight under the evil Darkrhyss. He is very fierce in battle.


As a unicorn, he has a horn in the middle of his forehead with which he spears his enemies. He also had sharp hooves to fight with.


He, like most creatures, is susceptible to the debilitating scream of the Cyries, which causes temporary madness.


He is son of Scilaran the Black and Firebright, two of the unicorns under. He was trained in the art of battle since a young colt and is a very good fighter.

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