Felix (full name, Alexandria Viven Felix Aumor Dragonia Nve) is a sorceress/dragon rider of 9th power (All Powers) She is also a skilled navigator,healer and star reader.

 Behavior and ApperanceEdit

Apperance:Felix is thin and beautiful, she has electric blue eyes and exremly dark brown, long hair at 6.2 she is very tall and flexible,  she is about 19

Behavior: Felix is very graceful and kind, despite being an orphan she is very bright and cheery, though she is tough and spunky.


Being a sorceress of 9th power she can control any element or power. Being a dragon rider with a Silver Dragon she has several other advantages.


Nothing Really, but Dark Matter can reduce her for several hours.


She was the daughter of the Empress of Gaia (Now dead) and Dorlox the warrior (Dead)