Emperor Gradins is the Emperor of a far off planet named Grendo (in the Tipera System) He enjoys travelling in a spaceship disguised as a comet which has been named by Earth Scientist as the "Kudo-Fujikawa". He is played by User:DavidJohnson123.


Emperor Gradins would be a messenger and the fighter for his planet and his empire. urrently there are no known powers or weapons that can destroy him. He is immortal to us, but, his spacecraft can easily be hurdled down to Earth by having ancient text from a Keniadalon Book being read aloud in clear view of the craft. Ancient text from the 3rd chapter, named "The Kudo-Fujikawa Comet."

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He is forever boasting about his planets technology, he is very happy about the low level of technology he has found on such a enviromentally manipulitive race. There is but one thing he enjoys, and that is disrespecting and insulting races, souly because. . he can.


As he comes from a far off land, the names of these divine powers are unknown. Shamans believe that most of his powers are only for him and not for his whole race, as he is an Emperor. He has the power to eradicate and replace a living species or type of object theough a "spray gun" placed on the outter left of the Kudo-Fujikawa Ship. He can also bring down or up the atmosphere level of any planet aswell as warm up or freeze one. He is thought to be able to make the most uninhabitable life, habitable and vice versa. He claims to be "The God of Life"


The only weakness known so far is reading the third chapter of the ancient, Keniadalon Book entitled "The Kudo-Fujikawa Comet."


I am Gradins, Emperor of the Tipera Empire (in the Tipera System - You wouldn't know where it was. Of course! *smug grin*) and messenger un'the Kudo-Fujikawa Comet. I am the 6th son of the 6th daughter of the 6th Emperor. Back home my full title is: "Emperor Gradins the 7th Emperor, born of the 6th son of the 6th daughter of the 6th Emperor, Traveller of un'the Kudo-Fujikawa Comet"

~ Emperor Gradins, Before Breakfast