'Plz make sure to included answers to following question in your background
1. Parents Dead / Alive? Names?
2. Simblings Dead / Alive? Names?
3. Born in what enclave?
4. Equipment .... do you have a light source?


I was born a poor human child.

Journal entries:

I am starting to long for the outdoors. All this concrete and steel is grating on my nerves. I hope sometime soon it will be safe to go out and see whats left of the world.All we ge tnow is pictures of what was "sigh".

Law Vs Chaos

Season 1
Prologue of Law Vs ChaosFailure at the Access pointThe beginningsRat TalesIndoctrinationMagic and Law don't mixForked roadsChaos Hordes
KenzieCrashEldrenCyanKenzie (Adult)Slim
Peter the guardCyan SeniorMayline Benard FranklinStan LargeJason StarkeyMarcus TibusBartinKasrkin

Gallery of Law Vs Chaos

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