List on how to make bonus experienceEdit

  • Spend 5 minutes writing about what happened in each episode. Try to put some IC(In Character) things as well as OOC(Out Of Character) things. 1BP
who? What? Why? Where? When? See? Feel? Heard? Tasted? Smelled
  • Background for your character include Family status, quotes, a paragraph on yourself which includes outline how you got to where you are and where you want to be in 5 years, a paragraph in 3rd person about your character. 1BP for each of your characters
  • Statsheet and Background for each of your contacts. 1BP
  • 5 Tokens that relate to Sci-fi/Post Apocalyptic and includes at least one that looks like your character. 1BP
  • 5 Maps that relate to underground Sci-fi/Post Apocalyptic. 1BP Bonus 5BP if includes descriptions of rooms and creatures

Law Vs Chaos

Season 1
Prologue of Law Vs ChaosFailure at the Access pointThe beginningsRat TalesIndoctrinationMagic and Law don't mixForked roadsChaos Hordes
KenzieCrashEldrenCyanKenzie (Adult)Slim
Peter the guardCyan SeniorMayline Benard FranklinStan LargeJason StarkeyMarcus TibusBartinKasrkin

Gallery of Law Vs Chaos

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