Roleplayed by Mr.Green hat
From the story The Tales of the Great Islands
Gender Male
Titles Rebel night Op
Homeland The Great Islands of the Kings
Hometown Island of the Green Dragon
Kindred Mother, Father, Luna (sister), Jacob (brother)
Age 14


Cire is a ordinary boy who lives on the Forest Island of the Green Dragon. He is about to turn Fourteen and be forced to be a soldier for the king. He has been secretly hiding rebels who dislike the king's rule. He also has been practicing for a great day that will strike a blow against the evil King and grant him access to the hideout of the rebels. He grew up in a house built around a tree, just like the other houses in the area, but his house has an extremely large basement with many passages to rebel hideouts. Cire strives for nothing but to gain his own dad's trust and to end William's reign. He is played by Mr.Green hat.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He is generally outgoing and will make friends with any person willing to help in his cause. Though a rebel, he will not kill a human. He is against the evil king and will do anything in his power to end his rule.

Powers and combat trainingEdit

Cire has no powers, but has much physical training. He is trained to fight with a sword in an inverted position (The inverted position is holding it so the blade goes up the arm). He is also highly trained in hand-to-hand combat. He also knows at least half of the pressure points in the body and knows how to decapitate a person with a few jabs.


If he fails, he will give up all hope of suceeding. He is also a victim of deathmares. His strength is slightly below an average soldier and can be knocked out within a few blows.


He is an ordinary boy living with his father, mother, younger brother, and older sister. He and his sister have been tought to use a sword and a bow. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and wears a green, sleeveless shirt, dark green pants, and a homemade bandana. He also wears a black cloak when doing scout missions for his father.


  • the name of this character is not pronounced sire, but Kyeray.

The Tales of the Great Islands

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The Great Islands of the Kings

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