Charolette is Elina's best friend in the Convant's legend roleplaying fantasy world. She is a wild, hot tempered girl, and she is played by User:Feminine Power on private mode.


Charolette is Elina's sworn best friend(and according to Hero his sworn enemy). She wants nothing but for Elina to be happy and protected, and often uses brute force to do it(much to Hero's chargin)

Personality and BehaviorEdit

She is a very violent and hot tempered female. now don't get me wrong she is very kind and often shows it most to Crystal. She is not very fond of Hero, and describes him as "a lecherous pervert who is only trying to abuse Elina in various ways!" She often punches Hero and sends him flying when she catches him touching Elina or is in a suggestive pose with Elina. Elina does not approve of this and tries to calm her flaring temper(thought this seldom works).


She is very strong and often punches men (mostly Hero) for perverted actions.


Surprisingly when Hero touches her or gets her in a suggestive way (always by accident) she mysteriously loses all her strength.


She shares roughly the same shape as Elina but has a smaller bust and she also has many features that differ from Elina. She has black hair and green eyes. She also has a tough look in her eyes rather than a soft caring gaze. her normal outfits are usually the same as Elina's except for a few minor differences.


She was born a weak and dependent girl until she befriended Elina. unbeknowest to everyone but Hero, she harbors a secret love for Elina and is jealous because Hero is Elina's boyfriend. She has a natural hatred of perverted men (like many of Elina's boyfriends) and swears to protect her from them no matter what.She hated Hero and usually punched him (quite ferociously if you ask me) and this once caused Hero to have a concussion. She rarely does it now.

She is Jeofry's girlfriend, and cares for him deeply and likes him "because not only does he share my feelings, but he is also one of the very, very, VERY, few wild and non perverted men I've ever known".

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