Cayn Neil is a war veteran and the second in command at Traderberg. Why Cayn took a backwater assignment when he could have taken a commission of a high ranking palace for a general is anyone’s guess. Everyone knows Cayn is Ruthless and Heartless when it comes to enforcing military law in particularly magic users. Cayn had a family but after a terrible accident his wife and daughter died in a house fire. Rumors that a local gang hired a magic user to kill him had gone wrong. Cayn young son Cayn jr. somehow survived the fire but the child’s lungs’ were severely burned and Cayn jr has always had severe asthma and fits of coughing. Cayn sr. has slowly become estranged from everyone over the years and has recently started applying for new assignments.

Law Vs Chaos

Season 1
Prologue of Law Vs ChaosFailure at the Access pointThe beginningsRat TalesIndoctrinationMagic and Law don't mixForked roadsChaos Hordes
KenzieCrashEldrenCyanKenzie (Adult)Slim
Peter the guardCyan SeniorMayline Benard FranklinStan LargeJason StarkeyMarcus TibusBartinKasrkin

Gallery of Law Vs Chaos

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