From the Story Fate
Government Monarchy- ruled mainly by King Chester
Capital Catalona Town
Regions Silverwing
Euthanasia Desert
Glasswater Village
Language(s) Catalan
Currency Gold coins
Demonym Catalonan
Dominant Race(s) Human
Dragons and Empusas

The kingdom of Catalona is the setting for the entire story of Fate (Storymaster: User:Lisa URAQT).


Rather than being more of a game, this is more of an adventure story for those who decide to roleplay a main character. For more about this, see the main article, Fate.

Catalonan Cities, Towns, and RegionsEdit

  • Catalona Town (the capital city that is located just outside of the castle)
  • Silverwing (the village where Tallulah Windrift was born)
  • Euthanasia Desert (where the Catalonan prison camp is located)
  • Glasswater Village (where Aquaralis was born)
  • Aarden (the village where Enki Harmonson was born)
  • Fannar (small town located half a day's walk downriver from Aarden)

...more cities, towns, and regions to be listed soon...


Catalona is ruled by King Chester, with Queen Helen Toinette. Princess Adelaide is the heir to the throne, but many of the Catalonans feel that she is not a rightful ruler of Catalona because she is female and does not have a husband.


Tallulah's pastDownfallInto the ForestThe DreamCurrent
AquaralisBrenton EldEnki HarmonsonTallulah WindriftCatalonan Royal Family
Dragons and Empusas

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