Brenton is the Sun Child and one of the four main characters in the story Fate. He is played by Metroidhunter32.


Brenton’s father, Garelek, tried to overthrow King Chester. After being brutally defeated, he was sent to a Catalonan prison camp in Euthanasia Desert not far from Catalona Town, but differing greatly in climate. There he fell in love with another exile, Harpala, who was to become Brenton’s mother. But she fell deathly ill because of the poor treatment at the prison camp. Garelek set fire to one of the buildings in the camp, allowing Harpala to escape. The guards killed Garelek, but Harpala successfully got away. Little of him is known from this point on except that he lived as a street urchin until the Downfall.


Brenton is very calm and contained but has a ferocious temper when he loses it. He is more philisophical then one would normally suspect of a street rat and has surprising skill in weapons and military stratagy.


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