Roles General, Ace Pilot, Youngest Kit in Litter
"The best warrior is the one that hates war."


Bladefang is the leader of the Feline Dynasty.


Early Times Edit

Bladefang was born on April 8th, 2089 at the exact same time that the two scientists activated the Animatrix, a device designed to make animals capable of human speech and actions.  The resulting shockwave made him immortal, meaning that he'd live forever unless struck down in combat.

Alliances Form Edit

While this was happening in Africa, a young, yet highly ambitious, Bladefang had started rounding what few warriors that the lynxes had to offer and gave a speech about war, famously known as the Twin Towers Address (it took place in the rubble of the Twin Towers, hence the name).  The speech was so inspiring that the lynxes,charged with new zeal, boarded the ships and set sail to Africa to try and resolve the conflict. 

Inventions Edit

In his lifetime, Bladefang made several inventions, including the siege tower, the catnip-powered generator, etc, etc, etc.  His most famous is the generator.  It converts the energy produced by photosynthesis into electricity or other energy sources.