Asgard is the central setting of a modern fantasy story about a war between the forces of good and evil in a world filled with magic. Gamemaster: User:Kalin828


  • This isn't exactly a role play,but an attempt to write a story with the help of others. If the idea of helping to write an awesome story filled with action, comedy, and romance(Okay, I may be kidding about the romance...maybe...) interests you, please, feel free to join in!

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Asgard is a realm populated by humans with supernaural magic powers, that is charged with the task of protecting the other realms from legions of shadow creatures called Wraiths.

Relevant InfoEdit

  • The Regions making up this world include Asgard (realm of the Aesir and the Valkyries), Midgar (realm of normal Humans), and The Void(Wraith Realm, also known as "The Underworld"). Numerous lesser realms exist, such as the Plane of Frost, and Citadel, the realm of light
  • Only Valkyies  ever travel to The Void, and even then, only on rare occasions.

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