Artifexes are small metal constructs created, maintained, and used exclusively by Cyrlis il'Var. Standing at around 4 feet they're small, fast, agile, and remarkably strong; able to carry out most tasks involving intensive manual labor as well as combat. They're also held together entirely by magic and when this is removed they can be easily deconstructed and stored. Conversely they can also join together to form a larger incarnation of themselves; taller than a human, and far more intimidating, these larger constructs are capable of taking on a multitude of armed warriors at once. Cyrlis is believed to have been inspired by the Magas Firale's larger 'golems'.


As mentioned above Artifexes are short metal constructs held together almost entirely by magic. They have no physical joints and their slit shaped eyes glow with blue magical fire. The tips of their arms end in sharp three fingered hands. Their exterior has the slivery sheen typically attributed to steel though Cyrlis is considering painting them a darker color for camouflage.


In its smaller state an artifex can carry more than four times its own weight but when working with a group or in a larger form they can muster enough strength to lift a trebuchet. This strength can also be applied to combat with devastating effects. The edges of an Artifexes arms are sharpened to make a blade and when spun can cleave an unarmored human in two. Against armored opponents they use their sharp fingers in punching motions to pierce steel. Their larger form isn't usually too concerned with armor and can often bat aside opponents with one blow. Considering they consist entirely of solid metal parts typical weapons do little against their exterior. However magic, especially fire and ice, can be quite debilitating.


Unlike the constructs they are believed to have been inspired by Artifexes are by no means autonomous. Although they have the capacity to follow and carry out orders they cannot act on their own as they rely explicitly on Cyrlis as a source of magic and thus energy. Each does carry a rune designed to slowly release magical power but each has to be charged by Cyrlis and lasts little more than a day assuming it participates in no strenuous activities.

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