This is And So They Came, the first chapter of the And So They Came fantasy roleplaying stoey. This chapter is still open, so you can add your characters and contributions to this story. The setting is Earth, just before many civilizations decide to come to Earth as their Union Meeting place.


We are open for any new characters.


1. Keep things civil.

2. Each person should control no more than 3 main characters.

3. All main characters must come from a different planet.

4. A maximum of two characters can come from the same planet, they must arrive together.

5. Players, do not destroy the story and/or planets with cataclysmic events, without the consent of the rest.


It was a normal, quiet, wet night on planet Earth. Mice ran through the allies of London. Heat rose from the underground of New York. When suddenly, a giant flash lit up the sky. Jusl, a man from modern day Bangor was sitting outside his home, watching these events unfold. There was a rumble, loud crashes and the sound of rock burning and falling apart. Jusl looked up and to his suprise witnessed a comet flying down to earth. No ordinary comet, the comet that a japanese scientist had spotted going towards pluto a day before. . the "Kudo-Fujikawa Comet." It began to slow down. it grew slower, and slower and slower and then from about one metre above his garden, dropped in a milisecond. The ground shook angrily. Slowly some of the rock began falling off the top of the comet, revealing a circular metal door. The door swung open. Out crawled a 17 ft creature with a crown upon his head.

Emperor Gradins: " Tough landing. . again "

There was a pause

Emperor Gradins: " Where am I?. . This isn't the clock of Ben! I'm going to be late for the meeting!. . And who are you?! "

Emperor Gradins took a fearsome look at Jusl. It seems that this mysterious being had landed in the wrong location..

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